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About Vic Thurling

After completing a City and Guilds apprenticeship in carpentry and joinery in the UK, I was employed by UK tour operators to maintain and upgrade their holiday properties in France. During this time, I gained an in-depth knowledge of French building techniques and regulations and how they differ from the UK. When the opportunity arose to continue this on a self employed basis I jumped at the chance of independence and being my own boss. 

As time went on, I met my wife, also English, who has also spent many years working in tourism in France. After a traditional French wedding we made our home in the French Alps but with the birth of our first child we decided to purchase a home in Burgundy - habitable, in need of ' petits travaux'!!!

After converting our old ' maison Bourguignonne' into 2 modern apartments and completing our family with a second child, I decided it was time to complete my French immersion. Armed with my ' titre de séjour' I embarked on my quest to acquire a French SIRET number. A very lengthy episode, however, I am proud to say, I am now on personal terms with the 'Chambre des Métiers'. Along with that elusive number, I have an ' Attestation de Comparabilite ' confirming my City and Guilds qualifications are recognised in France. I also have full ' decennale' insurance along with civil liability insurance for all my work.

A qualified City & Guilds carpenter and joiner, I also work where necessary, in conjunction with local artisans and providers. This ensures that I provide the quality of service that you have always looked for and are entitled to receive.

Please contact me on:

Tel: 03 85 87 14 61

Mobile: 0623 99 11 33

Registered Office:

6, route de Remigny, 71150 CHAGNY

Vic Thurling

A professional way of thinking!

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